Microscopic dentistry

We have installed a surgical microscope in our practice. With the help of this special tool we make accurate diagnoses and treatments to our patients. The advantages of using the dental surgical microscope are discussed below:

Surgical field magnification. Very often damage to tooth tissue is so small as to be indistinguishable to the naked eye. Using the microscope, early detection of incipient faults is easy and their recovery operation is performed accurately without damaging the adjacent healthy tissues. Also, the complete removal of the lesion is performed accurately, and the ideal fit of the restorations (fillings, onlays, crowns, bridges, etc.) on the treated dental tissues is visible and controlled. The same applies in the surgery of the soft tissues of the mouth (gums, periodontal, etc.) and at all stages of implantology. Magnification provides a wealth of information to dentist while allowing him to make finer movements, with great benefit for the patient.

Lighting. Microscope`s high-intensity LED light falls directly into the surgical field. This is very important because oral cavity can not be examined or treated without sufficient lighting. Magnification coupled with good lighting disclose oral microcosm in all its glory. You can treat only what you can see.

Informing - consenting patient. By connecting the microscope with a digital camera and a computer, we offer our patients our findings, our diagnosis and the final result of treatment on photos and/or videos. Patients may even watch the entire operation during it, if they wish. So, our patients, by having our findings on the monitor, can easily understand the need for treatment and give their consent.

Archiving. The ease of taking photographs through the microscope makes digital storage and archiving of all treatment stages of all our patients effortless . Access to the individual patient`s file is done quickly at any time.

Quality Dentistry. All of the above contribute to improving the quality of our dental services provided and aiming on maximizing the benefits for our patients.